110V 220V Electric Pond Paddle Wheel Fish Farm Aerator For Ponds Lakes

Place of Origin China
Brand Name SUNOLTA
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price 2000USD+
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 3-15 Work Day
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 60000 SETS/YEAR

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Product Details
HP 1HP Voltage 110v/220v/380v/440v
Weight 25 Lbs Maximum Aeration Depth 16 Ft
Loading Area 4046m²-20234m² Power Efficiency ≥1.25KG(KW.H)
Power Supply Electric
High Light

110V fish farm aerator


220V fish farm aerator


Electric long arm aerator

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Product Description

110V/220V/380V/440V Electric Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator for Ponds & Lakes

Product Description:

With the continuous development of aquaculture fisheries, intensive high-yielding aquaculture technology has been widely used, fishery farming increased significantly. In the process of aquaculture production increase, aerator has become an essential equipment to achieve high-yield fisheries intensive, plays an important role in the development of fishery economy. Reasonable use of oxygen machine can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool water, accelerate the pond water body material circulation, reduce or eliminate harmful substances, and promote plankton breeding. For the prevention and mitigation of fish floating head, to prevent flooding and improve pond water quality conditions, increase the amount of fish fed and increase yield and so have a good role in promoting.

Because of its light, easy to operate and single aerator function, it is generally suitable for the water depth below 0.7 meters, the area below 0.6 mu of fish fry breeding ponds or greenhouse ponds. With the continuous refinement of the fishery demand and the continuous improvement of the aerator machine technology, there are many new aerator machine, such as: spurting aerator machine, spray aerator machine and other specifications of the aerator machine.



Product Features


  • Easy to use: As long as the pump is put into the water and connected to the power supply, it can start to pump water, no need for a port, not afraid of rain, not restricted by dust collection, light weight, and extremely convenient to move.

  • Energy saving and electricity saving: Change the suction lift to the pressurised water lift, no matter which specification and model, the water inlet is always at 25-50cm below the water surface, and is always in the best suction position, which not only shortens the pipeline but also does not need to install a bottom valve, so it can save energy and electricity.

  • Long service life: The shaft seal of the floating pump is not affected by sedimentation at the bottom of the water, there is no deep water pressure, and it is impossible to sink into the mud, so the shaft life is long.

  • Increase crop growth: Since the water on the surface of the river sucked by the floating pump is higher than the water temperature at the bottom of the river, it is beneficial to the growth of crops such as rice. Taking rice as an example, the yield per mu of early rice can generally be improved compared with the control group.

Paddle Wheel Aerator
Paddle Wheel Aerator
Paddle Wheel Aerator
Loading Area
Power Efficiency
Oxygen Capacity
Single / three phase
Single / three phase
Single / three phase
One 20"ft
85 sets
70 sets
66 sets


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1hp Aerator 1hp Fish Farming Aquaculture Aerator Paddle Wheel Areators Aerating A Pond 01hp Aerator 1hp Fish Farming Aquaculture Aerator Paddle Wheel Areators Aerating A Pond 11hp Aerator 1hp Fish Farming Aquaculture Aerator Paddle Wheel Areators Aerating A Pond 21hp Aerator 1hp Fish Farming Aquaculture Aerator Paddle Wheel Areators Aerating A Pond 3

Support and Services:

Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator Technical Support and Services
  • Full technical support and customer service for Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • Regular maintenance and maintenance of Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair of Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • Regular safety inspections and testing of Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • Installation and set-up of Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • Replacement parts for Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator
  • Warranty on Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator

Packing and Shipping:

The Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator should be carefully packaged and shipped in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Pack the unit in its original box with the original packing materials.
  • Place the box in a larger box with other packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts to ensure the unit is secure during shipping.
  • Ensure the box is properly sealed with tape and labeled clearly with the shipping address.
  • Ship the package via a reputable carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS.


Q1: What is Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator?
A1: Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator, manufactured by SUNOLTA from China, is an aeration device used for oxygenating ponds, lakes, and other water bodies.
Q2: What are the benefits of using Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator?
A2: Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator can increase the oxygen levels of water, reduce the water's temperature, and reduce the possibility of algae blooms.
Q3: How does Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator work?
A3: Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator uses a paddle wheel to draw in water from the bottom of the pond, circulate it through the aerator, and spray it back into the pond, creating a fountain-like effect.
Q4: What are the components of Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator?
A4: Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator consists of a paddle wheel, impeller, motor, and fountain nozzle.
Q5: Is Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator easy to install?
A5: Yes, Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator is easy to install and requires no professional assistance.